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Morning with Farmer and Pitchfork by Vincent Van Gogh Cart with Boy and Scheveningen by Vincent Van Gogh Landscape with a Donkey Pissaro by Édouard Manet The Robbers and the Donkey by Paul Cezanne Donkey by the Lane by Paul Gauguin The Donkey's Carcass by Salvador Dali The Blue Donkey by Marc Chagall The Green Donkey by Marc Chagall (1911) The Sale of a Donkey by Charles Hunt The Peddler's Donkey by Edgar Hunt Ponies, Donkey, and Ducks in a Farmyard by Edgar Hunt A Pat for the Donkey by Charles Hunt Donkey Ride Along a Woodland Path by John Barwell Tim, Tom, Turf & Donkey by Martin Driscoll Donkeyride by Myles Birket Foster Donkey Express The Vegetable Garden with Donkey by Joan Miro Simpson and his Donkey by Horrace Moore-Jones The Shoeing by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer Donkey Riding on the Beach by Isaac Israels The Donkey King Returns to the Sea by Craig Houghton Unknown Postcard Postcard